How much money is needed to start a forex broker?

How much do technologies for forex brokers cost?

The cheapest option is to go with white label solution and since recently they have become even cheaper with new business model like freemium subscriptions moving into the market. The most expensive thing used to be initial setup, but nowadays Buroka Technologies offers a branded turn-key startup solution at €0 setup fee, which includes:

  • Web and Mobile Trading Platform
  • Back-office Management System
  • User-friendly Client Office
  • Multi-Asset Price Feeds
  • IB and MAM systems
  • CRM system

All of these tools would end up costing for you just:

  • €1,000 Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • €15 per million per side Processing Fee

If you need a more advanced solution in future or you are willing to spend more to have a more advanced solution the premium option is also available.


Other possible costs

  • Legal fees – Depends on the target geography of operations. Also can be additional fees for license required
  • Payment processing – a much bigger topic on its own and depends on a lot of factors
  • Offline expenses – furniture, office, tech equipment