What is the startup cost to be a Forex white label brokerage?

How much does it cost to open a Forex Brokerage White Label company?

Opening your Forex Brokerage was considered very expensive not so long ago. The technological setup, liquidity providers, legal fees and so forth would pile up and the common believe was that the smallest amount of capital required was somewhere around $1,000,000.


However, this is not the case anymore. One of the most expensive investment items used to be technological setup. Nowadays, there are that focus on specific technological needs for startup brokers

We offer a branded turn-key startup solution at €0 setup fee, which includes:

  • Web and Mobile Trading Platform
  • Back-office Management System
  • User-friendly Client Office
  • Multi-Asset Price Feeds
  • IB and MAM systems
  • CRM system

Our company uses a Freemium pricing model which allow startup brokers to launch their business at a minimal costs of:

  • €1,000 Monthly Maintenance Fee, and;
  • €15 per million per side Processing Fee

Brokers shall be upgraded to Premium pricing upon hitting thresholds when the business is generation strong revenues.


We also consult on incorporating legal entity and a range of other services that you may need when starting your company.


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