5 steps to start your own forex brokerage

What is the process to start your own forex brokerage?

In this post we wouldn’t cover all the things you need to consider before opening your forex company. We already have covered it in


Today though we want to answer the question: “What is the first step?”

Step 1. Find either a tech provider or legal setup firm for forex companies

These 2 kinds of companies are the starting point, because without either legal setup or technologies you can’t start. In most cases tech providers are also doing legal setups or can refer you to someone who does them, so the easier option would be to go with tech providers, because incorporation firms sometimes don’t have any tech providers they know. So the best call would be to go ahead and schedule a consultation with a tech provider, understand their offer and whether you can afford it

Other steps are basically

  • Legal consultation. Company incorporation, licensing
  • Sign contracts with legal and tech providers
  • Pay the invoices in 1–2 months
  • The technical implementation usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on scope of the project and blockers